About Lone Pine Farms

The dream began in 1985 on a corner on Highway 99 and Four Corners.  Mike Jensen was selling corn out of the back of his old Chevy pickup truck in the peak of harvest.  The next couple years saw more fruits and vegetables along with Lone Pine’s famous Bodacious Corn.  As time went on the dream continued into 1991 when the first market building and a playground was built at the current farm location.  The goal was to have a farm that everyone, from babies to grandparents, could come and share the sunshine on their face and the grass between their toes.

In 1993 the next phase of the market was added on, along with the stocking barn behind it.  We thought for sure that that would be all the room we needed!  This was the first year of the Pumpkin Patch Express  with the famous team of Dapple Grey Percherons, named “Jim and Polly.”  The hayride wagons would fill up with kids and families on the weekends all wanting to ride behind the beloved team of gentle giants.  Off to the pumpkin patch they went to find that “Magic Pumpkin.”  Of course, that was a very special team of Dapple Greys and many memories were made because of them.  Jim and Polly will always hold a special place in our hearts.

In 1994, the Petting Barn was built so that kids could come experience farm animals and feed the goats.  The kids would jump out of their cars and dash to the goat barn to see their favorite goat.  Buttercup was always ready for some petting; Mutt and Jeff made sure they got their share of the pie.

In 1995, No Halter Walter and Lone Star were entered in the Lone Pine Family.  They had already had many years of pulling wagons and learned quickly to love to pull the kids to the pumpkin patch.

In 1997 brought a big addition to the market along with many new products , including Lone Pine’s famous Ice Cream Bar featuring Umpqua Icecream.   1998 brought us the zany idea of Farmer Mike’s Goat Walk.  The goats learned to walk the catwalks and it didn’t take them long to hear the rustle of the feed cans as they were shimmied up  the rope to the feed dish high overhead. Off the goats would run, hooves clattering to see what special treat was awaiting them.

So come on out and visit us soon . . . The Lone Pine Team will always go the extra mile to make your Farm experience “The Seasons Best!”