Fresh Strawberry Glaze Pie

Fresh Strawberry Glaze Pie What is the best way to kick off summer?  Have a picnic or party and serve a dessert made with Fresh Oregon Grown Strawberries!  Nothing can beat the taste of these delicious vine ripened berries, melting in your mouth! Here is a super easy recipe that… read more →

Mangos Oh My!

                  ITEM OF THE WEEK ~  JUMBO MANGOS ! Have you ever seen a mango this big in the grocery store?  Lone Pine Farms Farmer’s Market carries the Jumbo size!  Almost a meal in itself! Watch this video below to learn how to cut a mango the proper way, for… read more →

HONEY! I’m Home!

Here at Lone Pine Farms, we hope that the term Honey! I’m Home! resonates with your shopping experience when you walk into our market!  The Lone Pine Team is like family and we welcome you to our market with that down home feeling of being right at home!  Whether it’s… read more →

Cucumber Honeydew Salad

Looking for a quick and easy refreshing salad to add to the spread this summer?  Look no further! Cucumber Honeydew Salad with Feta & Walnuts This recipe is the perfect storm of sweet, tangy, cool and crunchy!  Start to Finish only 20 min. Ingredients: 2 Tbsp Lemon Juice 1/4 cup… read more →

Mairzy Doats !

Do you speak Goat?  Buckling, Doeling, Nanny, Kids ?  If you are a goat enthusiast, you are probably very knowledgeable on those terms!  Well here at Lone Pine Farms, our goats aren’t ordinary Goats, they ARE the ROCKSTARS of the Farm!   This year, 2014, we have the sweetest herd of… read more →

Gravel in your Travel

Hello Lone Pine Farms Customers!  It’s quite true!  Shopping at Lone Pine Farms gives you an open air feel, fresh country air and also a little gravel in your travel!  If you have tried  pushing a shopping cart through the gravel back to your car, you know it can be… read more →

Meet our “Local Vendors”

WELCOME READERS!   Lone Pine Farms takes pride in recognizing our “Local Vendors”  through our Blog.   Today we are featuring  “Annie”  designer of the Country Totes !   I happened to meet Annie at a Holiday Bazaar last winter, and thought her product would be a perfect fit for our Market.  The… read more →