Gravel in your Travel

Hello Lone Pine Farms Customers! 

It’s quite true!  Shopping at Lone Pine Farms gives you an open air feel, fresh country air and also a little gravel in your travel!  If you have tried  pushing a shopping cart through the gravel back to your car, you know it can be a real adventure!

So you spoke and we listened!  Paving the parking lot, wasn’t an option for us right now,  so we compromised and purchased some sturdy green garden carts.  They have sides on them to keep your purchases safe from spilling, and we are hoping that these will help the travel back to your car be more enjoyable!  The green garden carts have rubber tires, which make rolling across the gravel very sweet! 

Look for the carts, parked along side the regular shopping carts at the front of the market. 

The only thing we ask, is that they are used solely for produce and grocery items.  For safety reasons, children will not be allowed to ride in them.

If you need extra assistance, one of our friendly Lone Pine Staff Members, will be more than happy to help you carry out your items to your car!  Just ask at the register for a carry out !  IMG_2774

Thanks again for your patronage!  We greatly appreciate all of you!

Locally Yours,

The Lone Pine Farms Staff

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