HONEY! I’m Home!

Here at Lone Pine Farms, we hope that the term Honey! I’m Home! resonates with your shopping experience when you walk into our market!  The Lone Pine Team is like family and we welcome you to our market with that down home feeling of being right at home!  Whether it’s sitting on our back porch watching the sunrise, enjoying your favorite flavor of ice-cream under the Lone Pine tree, or perusing the wonderful fruits and vegetables in our open air farmer’s market . . . we aim for your time here to be off the grid with “SIMPLICITY” and enjoying your farm experience!

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While you are here, BEE sure to add our LOCAL Honey to your shopping list! You will not be disappointed, as we truly believe it’s the BEST & FRESHEST Honey in town!  Kim and Jackie are our amazing beekeepers who hold a wealth of knowledge about bees, and keep us supplied with their wonderful Honey!

Honey Bee Jokes ~  Just for Fun!

Why did the bee cross the road?  Just Bee-cause

Where do bees like to shop?  Bee-bay

What is the favorite fairytale in the hive?  Beauty and the Bees

What do the bees use to do their hair?  A honeycomb!


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