Locally Made SIGNS by Kathy

Introducing Kathy! A LOCAL artist, she  is the one behind the “artistic talent” of a lot of our signs we have around the farm!

IMG_3631In the market this Fall, you will find some of her little stick signs with fun Halloween and Harvest words stenciled on them!  Great gift ideas for friends and family!

During the Fall here at Lone Pine Farms, an “Old Mining Town” takes shape right outside the market!  You will feel like you’ve stepped back in time about 150 years or more!  Kathy was instrumental in helping us decide on the SIGNS, colors, fonts, we used for our “mining town facades”.  They are all unique and different!   Kathy really puts a lot of thought and soul into her finished product, making sure she gets every detail just right!

Lone Pine feels very lucky to have her “on board” our team!  No pun intended!

Here are a few pics of the signs she made for the mining town facades!  They make wonderful photo ops!!!

Austyn's Livery Stable
Austyn’s Livery Stable

2 thoughts on “Locally Made SIGNS by Kathy

  1. Kathy Wienecke is my sister. I know she is one talented lady and is willing to put in the extra effort it takes to achieve the desired product. I enjoyed reading your blog, on her, so thoughtful.
    it is so nice to see her signs on the wonderful buildings.
    I live in Medina, Ohio and there is nothing in our area that can compare to your farm, it looks so beautiful and I know this is one place I would love to visit when I am in the area.

    1. Hi Janice,
      Thanks for sharing! It is our pleasure to do business with Kathy! So fun to see the customers enjoying her work. Yes, please do come and visit us if you are out West visiting!

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