Mairzy Doats !

Do you speak Goat?  Buckling, Doeling, Nanny, Kids ?  If you are a goat enthusiast, you are probably very knowledgeable on those terms!  Well here at Lone Pine Farms, our goats aren’t ordinary Goats, they ARE the ROCKSTARS of the Farm!  

This year, 2014, we have the sweetest herd of goats ever, a very special thanks to our Goat Breeder, Marta! 

Let me introduce them to you  . . . Peppermint Pattie, Baby Ruth, Almond Joy, Rosetta, Olive Oyl, Camelot ,Lady Guineveve, Macy, Mayflower and Sally.  We also have 2 Nanny goats (momma’s)  Plum and Jewel and they each have a kid.  Plum’s kid is named “Cornelius” which was voted on  by our Facebook Fans!  Jewel’s kid is named “Gem“.  Both of the Nanny’s are sweet as can be, Jewel tends to be very doting over her baby “Gem” .

All the goats siblings have matching colored collars, so you will be able to distinguish them apart easily.  There are 2 sets of twins ( green collar or turquoise collar ), 1 set of triplets ( purple collar ), and 3 single kids ( red, blue and pink collar )

So come out and say Hello to our special friends!  They will be so excited to see you!  

Check out this fun little Ditty!  You’ll be singing it all the way to the farm! 

Meet the Rockstars Below !




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