Meet our 2015 “ROCKSTARS” !

Lone Pine Farms
Goat Family “Rockstars” !

Everyone who visits our farm LOVES our Goats! AND the Goats LOVE to be petted and LOVE all the attention! So make your way out to the petting barn and have FUN!

To help tell them apart, they each sport a different color of collar. Below is a list of who is who.


Introducing . . .

Triplets ~ Barney, Goober and Hazel (Blue Collars)

Twins ~ Frosty and Freckles (Light Green Collars)

Twins ~ Tootsie and Wonka (Purple Collar)

Choco ~ (Brown Collar)

Rudy ~ (Red Collar)

Mamie ~ (Varigated Brown Collar)

Cayenne ~ (Turquoise Collar) also goes by Caya

Jackie ~ (orange collar) born on Halloween

Nanny Plum and Baby GRETA  ~ (Hot Pink Collar)

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