Meet our “Local Vendors”

WELCOME READERS!   Lone Pine Farms takes pride in recognizing our “Local Vendors”  through our Blog.   Today we are featuring  “Annie”  designer of the Country Totes !   IMG_0858I happened to meet Annie at a Holiday Bazaar last winter, and thought her product would be a perfect fit for our Market.  The tote bags are farm oriented, so colorful, sturdy with superb craftsmanship, and they are “Locally Made” something Lone Pine Farms is proud to support!  Here are a few questions that I asked Annie so that you will be able to get to know her product better . . .

1. When was your business established?

I started making these Country Totes about 8 years ago, around 2005, when I first got chickens.  I started buying feed and noticed that the feed bag had a nice sketch of a chicken.  It felt silly to throw away such a cute bag, so I experimented with turning it into a grocery tote.  My sister-in-law got the first one as a birthday gift.  That first one was quite a bit different than the ones I make now.  I like to think I’ve improved on them since then.

2. What was the inspiration for opening your business?

I couldn’t throw the cute bags away.  They started piling up so I started making them and selling them at craft fairs.  Other people started giving me their bags with other animals on them (horses, cows, goats, pigs, game birds, and more) so I had a good variety.

3. How did you acquire the knowledge for what you sell?
Trial and error.  My grandmother sews and she gave me a few pointers.  Other than that I got feedback from family (who all got them for gifts…whether they liked it or not).

4. What was your ultimate goal when you decided to open your business and has that changed?
My ultimate goal is to keep the empty feed bags out of the landfill.  I love that they are being repurposed and are recyclable.  Someone went to a lot of trouble to design really cool looking bags and I’d like people to enjoy them for a long time before they get recycled.

5. Why are small businesses important to our community?

Small, local businesses account for a lot of jobs in our community.  A real highlight is being able to know where your products come from and the people who make them.

6. What do you find most rewarding about owning your own business and the product you create?
It makes me so happy when someone loves one of my totes, especially someone who hadn’t really thought about reusing something like this.  I love when it makes people think of other things that they might be able to repurpose.

Anything else you want to add, about yourself, hobbies, etc.

I live up the McKenzie River with my husband and two children.  We have a very small farm with dairy goats and chickens.  They help supply the feed bags for the tote business.   IMG_0707

You can also find Country Totes on Facebook!


10 thoughts on “Meet our “Local Vendors”

  1. I’ve had some of Annie’s bags now for at least four years and they’re still in good shape. I’ve hauled them around filled with my camera, water bottles, jackets and whatever else to fairs and other events. Used one last year as we traveled around Washington, D.C. People love them and especially in the city, are always surprised when I tell them that the bag originated from a feed sack! Very fun!

    1. Yes, the totes are a GREAT conversation piece! Thanks for sharing your experiences with them!

  2. I own a Country Tote made by Annie and I use it for everything. I think I will get a couple more you can never have to many totes.

    1. Lone Pine agrees, they are all so colorful and fun! It’s hard to choose which one to get . . .

  3. Thank you, Lone Pine, for giving local businesses, well, the business. I love supporting our locals so they can support more local business. That’s the right way to grow the economy. P.S. I’m very proud of my daughter-in-law, Annie.

    1. Rhonda, it’s our pleasure to do business with Annie! It’s fun to see her business growing through our customers!

  4. I tried making a bag like Annie’s and finally just gave all my chicken feed bags to Annie. She does a wonderful job. Thanks Annie!

    1. Hi Terry,
      It’s fun to see all the different feed bags that she gathers around the community! It’s almost like a box of chocolates, you never know what finished bags she will bring out to the farm each week. Hope you are having a great summer!
      Cindy @ Lone Pine : )

  5. I’m Annie’s cousin and I got my first one a few months ago! All I can say is Awesome!!!!! Great for the beach too 😉

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