New Item in our Market . . . All “Natural Candies”

“Natural Candies”

Made with the finest all natural, Non GMO, Gluten Free ingredients! IMG_5758

Who loves candy?  Everyone, Right?  As you peruse our market, be sure to stop by the packaged snack area and check out these delicious All Natural , Non GMO , Gluten Free Candies.   When you pop one in your mouth, your taste buds will be craving for more! They really are that delicious!

Here are the 6 Natural Candy items that we are now carrying . . .

  • Natural Fruity Taffy –  A medley of fruity flavored taffies in flavors like Watermelon, Banana, Cherry and Apple
  • Natural Sour Wormmies – Fun flavors like Tangerine, Grape and Lemon
  • Natural Nummy Yummy Bears –  Huckleberry, Cherry and Watermelon Flavors!
  • Natural Gum Drops – Soft texture and smooth taste of Acai, Pink Grapefruit, Pomegranate, Tangerine, Key Lime, Meyer Lemon!
  • Natural Fruit Wedges – Tangerine, Lemon and Grapefruit Flavor and smooth Texture!
  • Natural Candy Fishies – Cherry flavored and sweet in all the right ways!



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