Petting Barn

Every day is a fun day to visit the farm and petting barn!

We have some new additions to our petting barn this year. . . .  Come out and say Hello to “Gertrude”, “Henrietta” and the rest of the chickens! Did you know that a chicken can travel about 9 mph by running, jumping or flying!  Our new adorable bunnies are fun too!  Did you know that bunnies love bananas?  Of course, up close and pettable are our old reliable friends “The Goats!”  You will love watching the goats navigate the goat walks high over your head.

Goat feed is available for $.25.  Just plop the feed into the shiny silver cup, shimmy the cup with the pulley rope to the top of the goat walk.  When the goats hear the clank of the food pellets drop into the feed dishes, they come running, navigating “Farmer Mike’s” goat walk high over your head, eager to see the special treat awaiting for them!

Chicken Scratch is also available for 25 cents, so you can feed the Hens!  Climb up on our observation deck for the wee ones to watch the hens in their nests laying their eggs.