Shopping Bag Options at Lone Pine Farms

Did you remember to add your reusable bag to your shopping list?  Starting this month, the city of Eugene implemented the plastic bag ban for retailers.  Since Lone Pine Farms is actually in Junction City, OR we were exempt.  However, being good stewards of the environment, we also wanted to comply with the new standards for bags!

Lone Pine Farms has several options to choose from!   We have a nice new paper bag with handles, for easy carrying, and the best part is since we are not located in the city of Eugene, we don’t have to charge you 5 cents for the bag.  It’s yours free of charge!  IMG_0696It is a very sturdy bag and we do encourage you to reuse it when you come back to visit us!   The bag ban is allowing plastic for produce items, so we made sure ours are biodegradable!  If it suits your fancy, we also offer smaller paper bags too, for your produce.

Some FUN REUSABLE options for shopping are our Ghana Baskets!  They come in all shapes , sizes and price ranges.   Also, check out these cute Barnyard animals Feed Sack Tote Bags, made by Country Totes.  We sell both of these options in our market!  They make it a FUN way to bring home your fresh fruits and vegetables from Lone Pine Farms!

Happy Shopping!!!

IMG_0707          IMG_0704