Two Hearts Form a Close Bond


Meet “Sundae” and her newly adopted kid “Julius”

Today we are sharing one of our truly amazing  heart warming animal kingdom stories that has happened for the Lone Pine Farms Petting Barn!

The story starts back on July 7th, 2015 when Sundae ( the nanny goat ) gave birth (kidded) to a single doeling. This doeling unexpectedly died within a few minutes of her birth, leaving poor Sundae with a huge bag of milk and no one to give it to.  So in the meantime, on July 4th, 2015 , at a farm down the road, another goat had a similar situation, but the scenario was reversed.  They  had a Doe that gave birth (kidded) for the first time and an older Doe stole this new kid from the first time Nanny.  Of course, this older Doe didn’t have any milk, but the new kid ( Julius) bonded to her instead of his birth mother, so his birth mother rejected him.  What to do now?  Little Julius was needing to be bottle fed for the first few days of his life, until an idea between the two farms was contemplated. . . What if we put Sundae and Julius together?  Would they bond?  It was definitely worth a try! However, to complicate the problem, they were also two different breeds of goats.  Sundae was a Boer goat and Julius was a Nubian goat.  Let’s see what happens next !

At first, Sundae was not falling for it.  She would just push little Julius away whenever he got close.  Julius, was put on manually to Sundae’s udder, he latched on and began to suck!  However, Sundae was still not too impressed, but she was not mean to him and let him nurse.  Diligence was in order, to continue this process every hour, hoping they would bond.  Still Sundae was ignoring Julius, but then something started to change.  In a few hours, she was sniffing him a little, but then looking away.  By morning, however, there seemed to be a mutually beneficial relationship happening, Sundae was getting relief from her milk bag and Julius was getting his nourishment, all happening without any manual assistance , but thats all it was.

On the 3rd day, things were starting to progress.  Sundae was starting to take on a motherly role and a stronger bond was in the works!  Yay, this was a miracle happening!    Sundae was actually getting upset if she couldn’t see him when the two were turned out in the pasture.  Julius in turn, would cry out for her and she would answer and the two were now acting like any other doe and kid!  DSC01553

So here we have it, a perfect example of adoption in the animal kingdom world . . . True Bonding . . . Mother and Kid . . . you would never know they weren’t related!




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