U-Pick Patch ~ Fun Family Activity!


IMG_5140 Are you looking for an inexpensive activity to do with the kids in early June?   Bring them out to the U-Pick STRAWBERRY patch at Lone Pine Farms!  Take yourself off the grid, come out, relax and enjoy the fresh country air.  There isn’t a better way to start off the summer, than seeing who can find the biggest STRAWBERRY in the patch!  All you need to do is bring yourself.  We provide the buckets and you provide the FUN!  The price is currently $1.50 per lb .


So start a family tradition!  Once you get back home, there are so many possibilities of things you can make with the STRAWBERRIES! Jam, shortcake with berries, pies, strawberries and cream , homemade ice-cream, smoothies!  What will your favorite be?

Our picking dates, usually run late May through mid June. If in question, please call the market at 541-688-4389 for details.


2 thoughts on “U-Pick Patch ~ Fun Family Activity!

    1. Hi Sue, Thanks for asking! As of today, Tuesday, June 23rd, our U-Pick patch will probably only be open for a few more days, especially with the heat coming. It is winding down, so we are going day by day. Feel free to call the market at 541-688-4389 to be sure before you head out. Also, our farmland is not a certified organic farm.

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